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- As the barn's located on a working farm does this mean it's going to be noisy?

It's important to be aware that it is a working farm and we hope this is part of it’s charm.  We endeavour to minimise traffic and activity on event days, however there maybe some activity.

- Is there power in the barn?
There is power in the barn and also the attached kitchen area, which can accommodate event hire, entertainment and catering requirements

- Do you only do weddings?
We are able to host all types of events such as christenings, memorials, birthday parties other types of gatherings.

- Can I use other caters?

Yes, you are free to use caterers of your choosing.

- Is the bar staffed and stocked by yourself? Is it licensed?

It is up to the hirer to arrange an appropriately licensed individual and team to run the bar for their event.  We can work with you in providing suggestions for people and organisations that will do this, usually at no additional cost to you.

- What's the procedure for booking the barn?

Please contact Will or Polly either by email - or by calling ?.

- Are there any kitchen facilities for outside caters to use? store food, plate up etc... or would everything need to be prepared off-site and then delivered to the site?

Yes there is a kitchen facility that can accommodate professional caterers and their equipment, to come and prepare food on site.  We usually suggest a site visit by your caterers in advance of the event.

- Is the venue accessible for people in a wheelchair?

Yes, there is parking right outside the venue for wheelchair users and a path to the venue.  There is also a disable toilet facility.

- Is the car park far from the venue?

The car park is on site and a 30 second walk to the main barn.

- Are the lawn games/activities provided/included in the cost?

We don’t provide lawn games and activities as the individual choice for these varies hugely.

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